SIJOAT (SKAITAS International Journal of Applications & Technologies) is a new and upcoming e-journal aspiring to become one of the leading e-journals, to facilitate, encourage, and explore newer ideas and research in the fields of engineering, technology, and their applications by publishing papers containing pure unbiased knowledge. The sole purpose of this Journal is to help the researchers in their work and to share knowledge and research ideas among all the people who are interested. All scholars who are interested in research will be given the best opportunity possible to make the world aware of their work. With precise and analytical knowledge and experience, our reviewers will provide implemental economy and latest global transposition to research. This monthly journal is mainly started with the goal of helping researching peers and Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research students. Our goals are to publish original and high quality papers. We aim to cover the latest and outstanding development in the fields of Engineering, Technologies, and their Applications. All the published papers are submitted to the major indexing services for indexing.


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